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Mario Gonzalez is the CEO/Founder/President of Americare Health.

Doctor Klatz From American Accademy of Anti-Aging Medicine Dr Klatz, co-founder of the American Association of Anti-Aging Medicine, discusses the potential of extending life expectancy with healthy living, a good diet and regular contact with an anti-aging medicine practitioner. A life expectancy increase of 30% has been achieved in a laboratory so it is not unreasonable to expect human beings to achieve this also.

About Americare Homeopathic Therapy To Increase HGH Levels Naturally.
Americare Homeopathic theraphy works to increase your HGH levels through the use of an oral spray, composed of amino acids. The oral delivery system is a vegetable based polymer matrix, allowing it to be absorbed into the mouth immediately. Each bottle contains 2000 ng/spray. It is all natural, no animal or human cadavers were used in its production.

How Americare Homeopathic Theraphy Works
Americare Homeopathic Therapy to increase HGH levels naturally is the newest and one of the strongest methods on the market today. Americare Homeopathic oral spray is absorbed into the cells of the mucous membrane, going directly to the pituitary gland and avoiding possible interaction in the process of being digested.

Availability of Growth Hormone
Availability of HGH Therapy has always been limited to its long used form as an injectable pharmacutical. Physicians have been the only ones who could dispense it legally and with costs ranging as high as $20,000/ year, only the very wealthy could buy it.

With injections, too much HGH goes into the body, which may cause the pituitary gland to stop secreting natural growth hormone. GH has a life of 90 minutes in the body before it is destroyed. That means that if you inject GH once a day in large dose, after an hour and a half the body will discard what’s left. The results are lost GH because of the lack of the body’s inability to absorb this much at one time. This would be like eating 500 grams of protein at one meal for the whole entire day. The body could not possibly absorb it and it would make you sick, forcing your body to discard it. The same applies for GH. This is why supplementing GH is efficient because you take small doses frequently allowing your pituatary gland to increase production naturally, giving you near 100% absorption.

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